What the hell are we doing here?

How you doin'? Welcome to my webpage. I don't even know why i made one. I just got bored one day, and this is what happend. As if anyone even goes here. Like anyone even cares. anyways..this page kinda sucks, cuz I suck at html and computer stuff! But please feel free to look around, laugh, send me comments, suggestions, just drop me a line! whatever! I change the title often, and i change stuff a lot, cuz I have to have change, and I am bored very easily. But to explain the title of this page, well, it changes alot, so if you dont get it, too bad! This started out as a page dedicated to the band ORGY, but then turned into, i dunno a lot of shit!lol.Now it is a page about basically ORGY, KEVIN SPACEY, & ANGELINA JOLIE.my idols. If you wanna know about me, for some odd reason, go to the next link. I have pictures up too, & poetry and shit like that...well, just go see....have fun.....go on....what are you still doing here!

Oh! P.S. - the little running dog at the bottom is Legacy, Kevin Spacey's pet Dog. :) isn't he cute! pet him, he doesn't bite :)


Go on...get outta here

Email: jaysbitch@orgyluv.zzn.com