Nat's Poem (me)

see that girl sitting down by the chairs?

orange is the color she often wears,

i hear that she is sometimes crazy,

and i know she is not lazy.

her boyfriends name is Jay,

and Kevin and D they say.

Jay is the lead singer from Orgy,

he doesn't sing lyrics like Georgy-Porgy,

they are more complex and tell a story

about how much he loves her not Maury.*

Kevin is an actor, have you seen

his latest movie? not to be mean

but it's the best movie playing

and i know he's recieved a good paying

for his job well done

he will have some fun.

'D' is a rapper, like 2Pac

Hickory, Dickory, Dock

but 'D' didn't fake his death

nothing rhymes with death

(except crystal meth)

are you curious to find out

who's the girl i'm talking about?

the cow goes moo

it's you!

* another girls name

what a cute lil' poem, thanx nat =)