NAME: Natalie Nicole (and some last name)

AGE: not that it's important......but i'm 21.

BIRTHDAY: September 11 (feel free to send presents)ya, the day like 10,000 people died, thats my b-day. greaaaat huh?

SEX: gurl

NICK_NAMES: Nat, NADS, Natty, Natty-Bumpo, Nat-Butt, Nat-Nick, nittizle, nutty natalie, naughty natalie,Hey-you, Natalie "the dink", Jabe'r camel, Georgia Peachez, Taylor Lick 'A Dick, Country-bumpkin', Hoe, loser, nerd, dork, fool, retard, and latly bitch

COLOR OF EYES: a "perfect" baby blue

HEIGHT: 5'8''....hopefully i will be 5'9 & 1/2''

WEIGHT : ya right like i'm gonna tell. ok.somewhere between 100 and 150. Care to guess?

HAIR COLOR: it has been many different colors from: brown, to black, to red, to orange, to blonde. Currently blonde.

FAVORITE ACTOR : well, ofcourse,KEVIN SPACEY, only the best actor ever!

OTHER COOL GUYS : Rob schriener, Mike Myers, Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, Nick Stahl,Paulo Constanzo, Brekin Myer, Carson Daly, of course all the guys in ORGY, danny matterson, Detrich Bader, DMX, Matt Damon, Carson Daly, Johnny Knox, 2pac, vince vaughn, christopher walken, obie-wan-konobie,

FAVORITE ACTRESS :of course Angalina Jolie *she is fucking beautiful*

other cool girls: Christina Ricci, Franka Portene, and Megan Mullalley, Kim Katrall,

FAVORITE MOVIES : The Usual Suspects (anything with Kevin Spacey in it), all 3 Austin Powers, Cool Runnings,Office space, Billy madison, rudy, but my all time FAVORITE is *Forrest Gump*

FAVORITE BOOK : The BFG by, Ronald Dahl and Catcher in the Rye, Romeo & Juliet, anything by Anne Rice,


SLANG WORDS/TERMS : bomb, tight, grip, fool, Jigga, Nigga, whatever, starfucker, superstar, biter, faded, jaded, gone, webber, L-7 wennie, o-8er, bitches,big pimpin', peace out,late, dizzy, camels, mackin', awesome, coolio, coolness, what the dealio?, honey, hun, babe, baby, suga, pimp daddy-O, what the fuck, jacked,cut, yo, dude, your mom, ooooooo, Bowchicawowowowo-ummmssscccaaa, It's all Gravy, jokers, Nizzle, off the Hizzle, most definitly,trippin,N-DA-FACE, no in da face, right,

Favortite song: "Magic Carpet Ride" Steppin' Wolf, "Let's stay together" Al Green, "when i fall in love." nat king cole.....

favorite quote: "umm....because then they switched from the swingline stapler to the boston stapler, but i kept my stapler because it didn't bind up as much...No..No..thats my stapler." office space and "truth, like art, is in the eye of the beholder, you believe what you want, and i'll believe what i know" Kevin Spacey, midnight in the garden of good and evil.

PERSONALITY : I'm a fun, easy to get along with gurlie. but i can be very complicated. i'm a DORK. sometimes i'm a bitch, just don't piss me off and i'm cool. i talk alot.i do everything on purpose, nothin' is an accident, that's what i meant to do.get it. sometimes i hate people, they piss me off and usually i hate the world and society. i definitly hate my life most of the time and the glass is always half-empty, but i luv to be spontaneous and always have fun! i'm usually up 4 anything, especially crazy, irrisponsible stuff. hey, your only a kid once, right? or maybe your whole life.

TURN-ON'S : skater guys, guys that make me laugh, "cheesy" dumb sayings, guys that can rap, guys that can write poetry, english accents, Colombian accents, Southern accents, accents in general,punk-rock guys, guys in bands, guys who can play guitar (prefferably so they can teach me how) eyebrow rings, tongue rings :), tatoos,surfers, snowboarders, guys with a fashion sense, glitter, viynal, leather, guys that are responsible, abercrombie & Fitch guys, abs, shoulders, models, freaks (not too freaky, incense (not insest, yuck),guys who don't were flip-flops with jeans!!! ...

FETISHES: Vampires, biting, ears, danger,risks, KY jelly,lol

TURN-OFF'S : egotistical guys (barf!), junkies, drugies, losers, ignorant people, followers, copy-cats, psychos, bossy people,too nice guys, guys that think they're in control, .....

THINGS 2 SAY OR DO 2 ME THAT WILL PISS ME OFF (GAURENTEED): tell me i can't do something, or something can't be done (i'll do it), tell me to be quiet, yell at me, mis-pronounce my last name, or my first name (hey! it happens), disrespect me, inturrupt me, don't listen to me, if you drive bad (omg, just don't drive @all), tailgating me, tell me or demand me to do something, boss me around (don't even go there), pretend like you understand me when you couldn't even begin to....

tatoos: 1- a lil' tribal lizard, named Jim....but probably more to come, yes i'm addicted

if you would like to see pictures of me go to the pixs section :) warning: they're old

FAVORITE *bands*/*artisits* :