Choking on your sweetness

these are things i absolutly adore. they make me happy just thinking about them! *****

i like:

BOYS, JAY, Kevin, glitter, starz (as in movie stars & rock stars), and stars in the sky, being alone, coldness, skateboarding, snowboarding,swimming, writting, drawing, learning, music, sleeping, sunsets, LA, New York, Santa Barbara,loyal friends, poetry, reading, books, movies, candles, ORGY, partying, fun, temptation the lure of the forbidden, challenges, wanting things i can't have,big-stick popsicles, pickles (yummy), money, honda civic's (silver), black jeep wranglers, the color black, the color orange, punks, the beach (but not the sun), privacy, non-commitment, surfers, skateboearders, snow-boarders, talking on the phone, relaxing, mystery, puppy dogs, vampires, viynal, rubber, sticky, satin, velvet, carebears, strawberry short cake (the cartoon), strawberries (mmm!), shoes, stickers, being anywhere but here, winter, MTV, comedy, nice people, freaks, chop sticks, the internet, smart people, deep-insight-full people, funny people, SNL, ouija boards, psychics, pyschiatrists, talking, singing, doing what i'm not suppose to (or told not to do), ice cream, convertable cars, blasting the radio, t.p-ing, egging, laughing,limos, Rob Schnieder, Drew Carey, Adam Sandler, meeting new people, waterbeds, silk sheets, leather couches, chinese designs, hot topic, black nail polish, mystery, Marines, darkness, night-time rather than day-time, dinner (my fav. meal), Jack in the box, lunchpails, big noses (on guys), that part on a guy his lower abs(right below his belly button & above his dick), parties, men that are responsible, people that know how to have fun (and aren't paranoid all the time), to be a kid forever, really cool bosses, funnel cakes, sugar,