City of Angels

all the places i've been in LA

"..............back to La..............."

* Sunset Blvd, Rodeo Dr., Whilshire Ave., Beverly Dr., Santa Monica Blvd., Avenue of the Stars, Pico, 3rd Street Promanade, Broadway, Olimpic, Mullholand Drive,Roxbury Drive, Sepulveda, Alana Drive (nikita), *

*glitter, sparkles, glowing lights, the stars, and the "starz", freaks, glamour, BIG, fashion, black, downtown, pretty dreamers, Disneyland, The Chinese Theater, Movie premires, limos, money, studio apartments, The CheeseCake Factory, Jerry's Famous Deli, The Labraya Tar Pits, The Getty, da'Dodgers, Angeles, pawn shops, clubs, The Palace, The Roxburry, carousals, piers, stars in the side walk, The Key club, traffic, smog, the TuPac mural, the bus seat advertisments, the billboards, the fame, KTLA, the Ferris wheel, *