journal 9 10/22/99

* Bitch *

today i'm being a bitch. really i don't know whats wrong with me. but people are really bugging me.ahhhhhh i dunno. i was gonna stay home and indulge in my self pity, but my friend from another high school called and invited me to their homecoming game, so i think ill go. besides its new, different people. i need to see some different faces.desperatly.and maybe ill see *my* Bryn! :) *smiles* i think sometimes i really get sick of people. i need to meet new people. i need to get out of this town is what i need to do.badly. but that will have to wait, not too long though. my life reminds me off that song. well i dunno what its called, but it goes " she's took a train, a train........shes gettin out of this town......and going back to LA......" yeah right i wish. oh i do. or that " i see a red door and i want to paint it black....." oh damn, i bought this cd today, in fact that paint it black song (above), and it was the wrong cd. i wasted my $, you'd think i'd be pissed, but im not really that mad , i dont know y either. like if i took 15 $'s and threw it directly in the trash ( that would be the equivelent) and i dont care. i dont care about anything, anyone anymore. not even myself. oh well. i think i need to talk to someone, but i dont wanna. Pokemon RULES! :) well gotta go get ready 4 the game. I will have fun (repeat over....) sometimes i must tell myself stuff like that. no work tommorrow so thats a +.... okay i really gotta go bye.............................nata if my name was NATA, you'd call me :) heheheh (inside joke)