Journal # 8 10/21/99 (i think)

if you could date anyone who would it be?

today i feel: about the same as every f***in' day, tired , bored, frustrated, angry, med, lonley......u name it.... why does age matter????i mean really? its just a freaking #, a #. oh anyways. why do u have to grow up??? why can't u just be a kid & have fun forever, and have everything givin to u, doesn't that sound like a perfect life? oh well. i dun wanna talk about that. people say they don't mind this town, but how could you not mind it. ahhhhhhhhh its so freakin stupid, its a piece of krap town. with stupid people. i dunno. all i know is i have to leave if its the last thing i do. i know i will never come back either, and as god is my witness i will not die in this town. because im gonna live somewhere, where there's 100's of 1000 of people maybe even millions (alot) of people. where everyones different and weird. and at night theres 1000 things to do, and everyday u meet different people. to live bymyself in a small apartment, and if i have no one and i die alone, well then so be it! ill be okay. i want adverture, danger, happiness, and FUN! well thats it, ill stop rambling on and on & on...... bye folks...................nats :)