journal 5 : 10/12/99

what do you wish for ?

hey ya'll, well today was yet another really krappy day. i didn't have to go to school, but instead my dad decides to come wake me up @ 8 freakin' 30 p.m. ahhh on my like only day to sleep in. So then i have to go down to his work and WORK! ahhhhh life stinks and then you die! :( Claire is never going to write me back! i will probably never go to another orgy concert in my life :(, which i couold kill my mom for. all this damn college stuff is too freaking stressful, i wish someone would just do it for me. i wish i had someone to talk to. dang this sux. i really don't wanna go back to school tommorrow. i really wish i didn't hurt inside. i wish a certain someone would come back from where they went ( which is far far away) and come rescue me. Where the hell is Nikki too. is she on this planet, i havent heard from her in like ages, wassup w/ that.? fuckin' whores, damn everyone is a fuckin' whore.but on the other had i do see some chance 4 me at UC schools, i got some major encouragment from a counsler. :) very cool, very cool *sparkles* damn internet cut me off.okay im back. i think i need some self-esteem. and a life. and a man. i need a lot of things, too many to list...........oh thanx to molly, the creator of the best orgy site ever ! thanx 4 her e-mail 2 me, her compliments 2 me, and just her presence. :) well i think ill go decorate my room now, ta-ta to all :) luv yas, ********nat*s :):):):):) smile always

****i sparkle****