Journal 3 10/8/99

Bif Naked

hey there, today is friday, hooray!!!! must get ready soon for the stupid football game! but at least its out of the house and there should be some good parties later! so coolness! yes, yes! :) Bif Naked is so freakin cool!! oh actually im kinda excited to go to the game, because a certain someone will be there!!! ;) Good Luck Nudie if your reading this on your SAT, but i know you will do good!!! :) me on the other hand, i must begin studying now!! for my SAT next month!! cuz its my last chance, but i dont wanna talk about that now!! schools pretty jacked up ! Halloween is almost here , so thats cool!! but then that means closer to college appllying time!! ahhhhh *scarey** oh well!!!! i'll live, i hope :( oh MAJOR congrats to TrIsHa "my Queen" she kicks total ass!! thats so cool we got her nominated and fucked up the whole damn system!!! *smiles*! well i probably should go get ready to go out tonight!! peace out all!!! be good :) luv ya :) * Natalie Spacey *