journal 12

it's undesirable that we should be apart....

10-19-99 hey, sup? well its' homecoming.not very exciting, but whatever. hi, nikki, i know your reading this. =) wassup? well see you tommorrow! i hope trish wins! she better, we worked our asses of to get her nominated. yaya! :) the dance will probably sux. and stupid t***i, well she knows who she is, fake bitch. oh! excuse the language. Nov. 1st is getting closer and still i sit here not filling out my applications. ahhh what am i gonna do? with me?well i better go get ready. pick out something to wear, cuz that takes me like an hour. i need something else to put on my webpage. any suggestions? ideas??? well there's me e-mail.send those ideas to me! por favor! gracias! adios amigos y amigas.! =) hehehe