It's all about ME

my name: Natalie Nicole ___________
and some last name
title: uh ... student

school: CSUB
adress: ya right like im gonna tell you that........phaleazeee
state: back,back to cali, Cali, and some stupid, shit hole, hot, little town, not worth mentioning.(close to hell , though)


I enjoy: reading, writting stories, poetry...ect...partying, acting, dancing, watching movies, listening to music, bowling, golfing, basically anything.......

i'm a dork, but a cute, fun lil' dork( & im proud of it.)

im spontaneous & up for anything.

"everything is worth trying" at least is too short! have fun.

well that was my bio.......any other information you want to know , you don't need too. j/k. email me if your interested or something. i don't care.whatever.well peace out.