Knew Life Productions
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The Knew Underground

On June 3, 2000 we all went to a party called The Knew Underground thrown by Knewlife Productions. It was a pretty good party. The music was good and the vibes were awesome. The party was out in Navato at some old Air Force base which wasn't being used n e more. We partied hard until about 1:30 when the cops came and shut down the party. When they eventually kicked us all out we had to walk back to our cars which was a journey cause no one knew where the cars were and I had a sprained ankle but it was still a really fun night. It was my second time meeting all the ILR people. After the party we eventually ended up at Spencer's house for a little after party get together type thing and just ended up kicking back for the rest of the night. Check out some of the pics below. There aren't a lot so sick my duck.

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