The Big One
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Wassup people. June 17, 2000 was the date that Metropolis happened. It was one hell of a sick ass party. The vibes were bumpin all night, especially at the ILR booth. There was a booth set up to promote and we were all scheduled shifts to work but we all ended up going and coming as we pleased and it turned out to be a success. Yosho and a lot of other Southern Cali ILR came out to party. The ILR meet-up happened at 1:00 in front of the booth and I have to say in my opinion that was the high light of the night. We started chanting ILR as loud as we could and created such a tight vibe. I can't really tell you how it was in the actual rooms in the fairgrounds cause I was barely in them but all in all the night was a huge success. Check out the pics from Metropolis.

*Metropolis Gallery 1*
*Metropolis Gallery 2*
*Metropolis Gallery 3*
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