PLUR Fest7/21/00
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Plur Fest was the official ILR BBQ that happened on 7/21/00. It was a kinda of preparty for Cyberfest which was happening the very next day but I didn't go. Plure Fest went off really well but I think the highlights were watching some of our friends extremely drunk. Phil drank a little too much without getting ant sleep the night before so you can imagine what he was like. I got lots of pictures for you to look at of him. Steven also got pretty drunk and he went off with all his racism as always. Funny watching him drunk. Joe and Tim were playing around in the playground dancing in their little go-go cages while Eric was underneath them playing Kill the Terrorists. I also can't forget about the water fight we had. Sorry Yedda & Steph, we had to get ya. The whole day ended up to be a pretty fun one. The food was good also but ofcourse being at one of these things no one really ate. After the BBQ there was an after party at Sam's house where everyone got blazed and once again I was named the official Shot Gun giver. Watching Funky Bob do his dance is off the hook. Check out some of the pictures from the BBQ.

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