What is HOME?

HOME is a community-based organization where 175 youth from the three Alameda public high schools interact with each other and the community through the implementation of important community projects for youth. The purpose of this work is for youth to learn skills they will need to be effective citizens in the world.

Mission Statement

We are the gateway for the future. We discover ourselves, our commitment to each other, our organization, and the world outside searching to find ways to improve, reflect and adjust. We do this by any means possible or impossible.

We uphold a process of understanding community, passion for ourselves as individuals, as a group and then through a ripple effect, we reach out to give and impact the community. We do this anywhere, everyday, in the world. We rest and refocus inside the space called HOME.

You can learn more about HOME at their website www.homeproject.org. The website is currently down due to construction but if you have any questions regarding the HOME project, you can contact HOME by e-mailing them at Mail4HOME@aol.com and one of the coaches will gladly answer any of your questions.