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Queer DeadHead TyeDye/Batik T-Shirts

H E Y N O W !

updated August 29, 1999

These shirts are made by a Straight-but-not-Narrow fellow in Minneapolis, and he custom makes them JUST FOR US!
If you want a shirt, email me with your size, your color choice, and long sleeve or short.
Your $40 postal money order (they are only $.85!) prepayment will ensure your shirt gets made as quickly as possible, first though the shirts must be made, and he wants to make them in batches of 4 at least. That means I kind of have to get at least three folks together in order to do a run.
You don't have to buy all 4 for yourself, though they make great gifts!

He also does draw-string pants, if you're looking to create a full ensemble...

I prefer to have folks send postal money orders; i haven't been burned on personal checks yet, so those'll work too.
How to Order: email me with the pertinent data
or wait until i get some neat order form coded, which probably will take longer than emailing me....

Please use my new order form!

Please enter your name :
(Do not hit return)

1) Please enter your complete mailing address, including the name

2) Which color combination do you want?
3) Specify shirt size
4) Specify shirt type
5) Select method of payment

Be Well!

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