This is my serious take on a serious section of my punk web page. In this section you will find stuff about anti-censorship, politics, anti-brand name, editorials, and exactly what is going on in the world, including the musical aspect called punk. UPDATED OFTEN!(i wish.)

Anti-Censorship A section with the history of censorship and anti-censorship. Plus, tales when censorship prevailed and when the first amendment prevailed. UPDATED

Conformity- A section with essays and accounts on being different. Also, contains various peoples defintions of punk, and ignorance. Many are humorous. UPDATED

Editorials People reflecting their opinions on several aspects, such as censorship, conformity, punk, and sweatshops.

Music Reviews...send some to me?

Political Music Links to bands whose lyrics have large politcal influence

Sweatshops Information and history of this deadly practice many large American companies use.

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