"This is not a black and white world, to be alive I say the colours must swirl, and I believe that maybe today we will appreciate the Beauty Of Grey."

These words show the creative talents of Ed Kowalczyk as a singer/song writer. Ed Kowalczyk is the lead singer of LIVE. Ed has been singing since the age of six.

The above words come from an anti-racial song called "The Beauty of Grey" which appeared on the 1991 album "Mental Jewellery". When I first heard Live, I was amazed at the wonderful talents the band had. The first album I had ever heard was the one released in 1994, "Throwing Copper".Live's music has taught me alot about life and the many different aspects of it.With its powerful guitar and bass work,its amazing drumming and unique vocals,live is the one and only rock band.

For live it is not about ranting and raving about nothing in particular,it has always been about asking questions.Their lyrics deal with injustice/justice and many other aspects of the world that we live in.Their lyrics deal with racism,death,life and religion.Although Ed is not currently a christian(as he is currently practising a religon called adidam),many of his lyrics promote christian ways(particulary in the album mental jewelry).Also,unlike many other rock bands lives music changes.When they began their profesional career,as Public Affection,their music was very "80's".Then with the album Mental Jewelry,their first name under the name live and their first album with radioactive,Live entered the wonderful world of funk and groove.After going back to start work on the new album,Throwing Copper,Live adopted a more grungier,more musically powerful technique,influenced by another mighty rock band R.E.M.

The Distance To Here
Secret Samadhi
Throwing Copper

The Death Of A Dictionary.

Live has inspired me to do many things. Their music has also taught me a lot of things (and swearing is not one of those dad!)

Live Pictures
A sample of lyrics writen for my band, Dark Eulogy


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