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Dennis3486- [ZooCrew] Bose, Blizzard.. w/ Sgt. Slaughter

C5670- Mr. Showtime, Jima, Triple X

TheBroodXx- Shane McMahon and Meanstreet Posse

LBSk8guy- HaVoC and The Rock

Dxchiccokid- Hardcore Holly, Ken Shamrock and Chainsaw Charlie

HardcoreJeffberg- Kane, Hardcore Ass, Jeffberg

MLai332994- Mike

Scot213- Shane Douglas and Vader w/ Francine

BigDre106- The Undertaker and Road Dogg and BA Billy Gunn

I am EiC- The Godfather

MADROX50- Y2J, RVD, and Raven

Raw is Jericho87- Stone Cold, New Jack, Sid

Ecwbrian420: Tommy Dreamer, Jerry Flynn, Chris Candido

DxXpAcKiD: HHH and Outsiders

CK Public Enemy- CK

Majikid00- Jeff Jarrett

Bremkids- The Enforcer and Blade

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