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Rap Music

Here is some rap music to download but to get the music you need these requirements

By the way, some songs may have some real bad swear words in them, but just watch what you download thats all

•15 Files

WaV Name Description WaV Size
Hoochie.wav Hoochie Mama~by:Unknown Size~80kb
Hacked.wav Unknown~by:Dr Dre Size~435kb
BadBoy.wav Bad Boys~by:Mase Size~980kb
Busta.wav Dangerous~by:Busta Rhymes Size~148kb
2pac.wav Unknown~by:2pac Size~500kb
dre.wav Cronic~by:Dr Dre Size~218kb
Degree.wav Unknown~by:Unknown Size~175kb
Brhands.wav Your Hands Where I Can See~by:Busta Rhymes Size~102kb
nodiggy.wav No Diggidy~by:Blackstreet Size~115kb
PDaddy.wav I'll Be Missing You~by:Puff Daddy Size~323kb
tribute.wav I'll Be Missing You~by:Puff Daddy(*Intrumental*) Size~652kb
MESLAM.WAV Unknown~by:2 Pac Size~1.96mb
Ben.wav It's All About The Benj.~by:Puff Daddy(*Rock Remix*) Size~769kb
caniget.wav Can I Get A....~by:Jay Z Size~189kb
howdeep.wav How Deep Is Your Love~by:Drew Hill Size~270kb