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The HCW Newsboard

Managers of HCW

"Owner"-ZooCrew, and Bose, Email:

Commishioner-HBK Email:

Vice President-SCSA Email:

Stone Cold Steve Austin Email:

ZooCrew, Bose, Viro, Faarooq, and Mark Henry Email:

HBK and The Godfather Email:

Edge, HHH, Jericho Email:

The Rock and Shane McMahon Email:

RVD, Mouth, Concreat, Cement, Email:

Road Dogg Email:

ICP, Raven, Vampiro Email:

Christian, X-Pac, Nash, with ChynaEmail:

Droz, Billy Gunn, Kane, Val Venis and Mankind with Debra, Email:

Al Snow Email:

Big Bossman Email: DX

Test Email:

D'Lo Brown Email:

Jeff Jarrett w/Sunny Email:

Rocky Maivia Email:

Mideon and The Big Show Email:


Shane Douglas and Justin Credible Email:

Sabu Email:

Tori Email:

Gangrel Email:

Undertaker, Bradshaw, Email:

Goldberg Email:

Scott Hall and Randy Savage Email:

Raven Email:

"Rapid Delivery" Joe Flash Email:

Ken Shamrock Email:

The Outkasts-, Mouth, Concreat, Cement, Email: to join

The "20th Century Team" The Zooloomaniacs-ZooCrew, Bose, Viro, Demo Email: Dennis3486 to join

Stone Cold University (SCU) Stone Cold Steve Austin, HBK and Godfather Email: to join

Nation of Domination-Bose, Faarooq, and Mark Henry Email Dennis3486 to join

World Champ: Stone Cold Steve Austin

Intercontinental Champion: Edge

For more information on the Fed, like the Friday mania card be sure to visit the HCW Newsboard

If you are not in this fed, Then come to it, Email me