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The Tomb Of Echos

Mommy? im lost......please dont leave me here!........oh my lost and i cant see the light...........nobody is hate me mommy.....why wont you come and find me? im so sorry im like this...please god try and fix me....make me pretty. i could be like those pretty people.....why..... why do i always feel sic mommy?......did god poison me?.........oh please dont leave me like this -dan

......once i was real and couldnt be changed so inacent and strange. The looks my mother gives me...looks of dissapointment and regret....i cant really be that bad can i?..............WEllCOME to my may look at my collection of pictures of "the pretty goths" and some of those ugly pictures of me i placed in there to tourture you. Communicate with others as low as my self in my chat room.i was once young and in the procese of being molded into my father i relized....relized that theres so much bullshit out have to always be ready for father is nothing like me....he shows me that a fucking mistake and if your here its because you want to feel better about yyour self or to join in , in the second great depresion. -soulxis

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