Goku and Sons' Movie Gallery

All of the movies should work so enjoy!
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Goku and Vegeta Fuse Into Fat Gogeta31 secondsMpeg
SS Goten and Trunks Fight Broly28 secondsMpeg
Goku Turns Super Saiyan for the First Time28 secondsMpeg
Android 16 Gets Killed28 secondsMpeg
SS Goku Gets Kicked In His Balls28 secondsMpeg
Vegeta Is Kicked by #1828 secondsMpeg
Trunks Mooning Broli28 secondsMpeg
Future Trunks Goes SSJ28 secondsMpeg
Gohan Fighting Bojack28 secondsMpeg
SS Gohan Throws A KameHameHa at Broly28 secondsMpeg
Goku's Dad (Bardock) Gets Killed28 secondsMpeg
Goten and Trunks Fuse into Gotenks28 secondsMpeg
Vegetto Goes SSJ28 secondsMpeg
Freiza Dies28 secondsMpeg
Goku goes Super Saiyan on some bad guy!28 secondsMpeg
Trunks kills Freiza's Father28 secondsMpeg
Vegeta and Goku Finally Fuse Right28 secondsMpeg
Majin Vegeta Rocks Goku28 secondsMpeg