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Goku and Sons'
Dragonball Page

Hey!, wuz up? My name is Andrew and I created this page. Welcome to Goku and Sons' Dragonball Page. If you've been here before you may have noticed alot of changes. I was getting sick of the crap I had up so I decided I need a change. I also got a photo editor so I can make awards, topsites, banners, etc. My main banner was made by LilTim I'd like to thank him for his hard work.

I would also like to alert you people about the possoble changes coming up to this page. I'm makeing a TopSite, Awards Page, Over 200 new Images to put up, 10 new movies more awards I won and a whole lot more. E-mail me what you think of these changes at Make any suggestions cuz I love mail! Im just trying to take up sapce so my top site looks right! Hmmm Lalllladdededded. Okay well I'm done. Oh yah! Join my topsite!