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The Global Guardians PBEM Universe
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Campaign Description: Redemption is a standard four-color campaign featuring reformed criminals trying to become heroes to atone for past sins. The player characters will fight to protect the public against villains and villainous agencies. They may also have to fight heroes and/or hero groups to maintain their freedom. The player characters must be willing to learn to work together.

Importance of the Player Characters: Very Important. While there are other heroes in the world, the player characters are effectively central to everything in this campaign. There will occasionally be crossovers with NPC heroes, as well as characters from other campaigns.

World Description: The Global Guardians Universe is a four-color comic book world full of larger than life characters.  Technology is more advanced that the real world, and magic is real.  Aliens and creatures of legend roam the earth.

The Story So Far...: The Redemption Project is just getting off the ground. No one knows where the money is coming from, or why. All that is known, and this by very few people, is that it was started to give metahumans who have run afoul of the law a second chance. There are only three crimes that will prevent a particular meta from being considered. These three are murder, rape and kidnapping.

Local Relations: Nobody knows of the teamís origins, or its make-up. Yet. Local authorities are taking a wait and see approach with the team. If the former identities of the team members get out, they can be expected to be met with fear and hostility.

Morality: There is some crossover between good and evil. Things will not always be black and white. Characters may find themselves making difficult decisions, but should always try to be good guys.

Realism: Depends on how much we need. Action sequences will be cinematic and descriptive. Characters won't die unless they show themselves to be too stupid to live or are going out in a blaze of glory. How you role-play the character will do a great deal to determine the realism of the game, so please put some soul into your characters.

Outlook: In general, things will work out for the best in the end, even if there were a few bumps along the way. Most of the time the character's efforts will be rewarded.

Seriousness: The game will focus on serious subjects and adventures. This does not mean that there is no room for humor. Witty repartee, creative use of powers, and the way you play should provide plenty of humor in the midst of even the direst situation.

Continuity: The game will be entirely serial. Player actions in one scenario will have effects on later scenarios, and continuity will be enforced. Adventures will move linearly through time, bad guys will remember who you are and what you did to them, and the press will print your exploits for the world to see.

Building a Character for Redemption

The characters submitted to the Redemption game have been recruited from an unsolicited application. Write your character's background in such a way that he or she would have taken the chance.

In addition to the standard house rules and standard power limits, the following restrictions apply:

  • Starting Points: 100
  • Maximum Total Points: 250
  • Maximum Points From One Category Of Disadvantages: 50
  • Maximum Active Cost For Any Attack Power: 50
  • Maximum Defenses (Resistant/Non-Resistant): 20/20
  • All player characters will be former criminals, with the exception of murderers, rapists and abductors. They will all still have warrants out for their arrests in their villain IDís, requiring a new Heroic Secret Identity.
  • Characters do not have to begin fully balanced among offense, defense, and movement. However, players should expect to spend their experience to balance their characters. Focus will be on the development and learning process of the superhero. Character sheets will reflect this learning process over time.
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