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The Liberty Legion
Gamemaster: Murray Harrison

This Game Is Not Yet Open To Character Submissions

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Campaign Description: The Liberty Legion, is the latest in a wave of TV shows seeking to cash in on the recent upsurge in popularity for superheroes. The fictional team is loosely based on the real-world team, The Global Guardians, though with a few slight changes to bring it more into line with the target demographic audience. The game itself will feature exclusively the on-screen TV show. It will not go into the private lives of the actors.

Importance of the Player Characters: Paramount. The show revolves around these guys. If they weren't around, then there wouldn't be a show in the first place!

World Description: The Liberty Legion is a four-colored comic book/TV show world, full of larger than life characters, a seemingly never-ending supply of diabolical supervillains, and where time is completely malleable. Technology is cutting edge, with some people possessing items far beyond what is practical in the real world. Magic is real, and vibrant. Aliens walk among us, and their fleets soar between the stars.

The Story So Far: In the wake of the Cuban missile crisis, the President of the United States decided that the US, and indeed the entire world, had come far to close to thermonuclear war, and that it would never happen again.  With that in mind, they created a team of heroes, the best of the best, to seek out and combat evil-doers wherever they could be found.  And thus the Liberty Legion was born!

After a long list of production delays, the first series of the new hit TV show, Liberty Legion, is scheduled to finally hit air this summer.  Stay tuned.

Local Relations: The Legion always seem to get support from local law enforcement, though there are the occasional exceptions.

Morality: The characters are the good guys, and should try to behave that way at all times. There will be the occasional conflict of interest for the characters, but in the end, if they try their hardest to do the right thing, then things will usually work out for the best.

Realism: In the struggle between realistic and believable, The Liberty Legion aims straight for believable. As a TV show, the principle of grandfathering will actually be brought into the game, and will be used to explain anything that doesn't quite seem to fit. This doesn't mean that the rules will be going out the window!

Outlook: Positive, with occasional darker moments. As a TV show, the producers have the ability to see that everything works out for the best in the end, no matter how rough the ride, or challenging the villains may be. After the first series, they may also choose to shake up the personal lives of the characters, in order to help maintain, or even increase their audience.

Seriousness: The game will run with serious plotlines.  The USA, and often the entire Earth, will often be in dire danger, and it will always be on the heroes to make the difference.  Having said that, there will still be a certain amount of light-heartedness.  The players are always encouraged to interject good-humored banter into the character's speech, even the odd one-liner at the villain's expense.  The GM might even include the occasional humorous storyline, just to break things up a little.

Continuity: The game will feature TV show continuity. The characters will remember things that happened in the past, and previous encounters with bad guys. However, if the game needs to go back in time to tell a story, then it will. Buildings that were destroyed will seem to be rebuilt amazingly fast.

Building a Character for the Liberty Legion

Make no mistake, just because the characters in this game are TV show characters, does not mean that they will contravene the regular Global Guardians rules.

As the Liberty Legion is played as a TV show, none of the characters from that game are able to be transferred directly to any other campaigns. Having said that, it is hypothesized that all of the characters in this game are actually based on characters in the 'real world GG universe', and that with the appropriate modifications, such characters would be able to be used in other games, even simultaneously with the Liberty Legion character.

When writing up the background for a Liberty Legion character, players should not strive for an in-depth retelling of the character's history.  Instead, they should aim more for a true 'origin' story.  This should include a snippet of the characters childhood, enough to give the viewers an insight.  It should include a telling of the moment the character gained their powers.  It should tell of how the character joined the Legion.  And it should also include a summary of potential future developments for that character, such as possible love affairs/marriage, parents with cancer, criminal in the family.  That kind of stuff.

Starting Points: 200
Maximum Disadvantages: 150
Maximum Points From One Category of Disadvantage: 50
Maximum Active Points for Any One Power: 75
Special Restrictions:

  • The team will feature a mixed bag of power archetypes.  To that end,  I will be accepting six characters: one brick, one energy blaster, one martial artist, one mentalist, one sorcerer, and one speedster.
  • As a TV show, the producers are not going to permit the cast to ignore stereotypes and minority groups.  The show will feature at least one female and one member of a minority ethnic group. One character cannot fill more than one of these slots.
  • All characters should have either Psychological Limit: Code vs Killing, or Psychological Limit: Will Not Kill.  One character, and one character only, will be permitted to stoop so low as to take Psychological Limit: Reluctant to Kill, in order to advance the GM's plot at some point in time.
  • As the characters are going to be TV characters make them flashy in appearance, with interesting code names, and above all else they must be marketable for merchandise.
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