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Oracle Introduction (5 Weeks Course)


  • RDBM concept
  • Oracle System Overview, Components and Environment
  • SQL Basic
  • Data type, Expression, Function and Command

Oracle System Architecture

  • Memory Structure, Block, Extent, Segment, Log
  • SGA
  • Schema object, Session, Table Space and Data File

SQL Extension

  • Constraint, Referential Integrity and Cardinality
  • View, Index, Cluster, SQL command
  • Query, Inner-Join and Outer-Join

Data Access

  • Data Concurrency, Time-Stamp
  • Transaction Management, Commit and Rollback
  • Performance tuning, Cost Base and Rule Base
  • Data Access Control, Privilege and Role
  • Audit and Data Dictionary

Programmatic Constructs

  • PL/SQL
  • Stored Procedure, Function and Package
  • Trigger
  • Cursor
  • Exception

Note:  Hands On Assignment and Reading Materials will be given at each class meeting.