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Wolfcon: The Legacy

London  November 11-13, 1999

Last Updated 01/30/2000

Welcome to our Wolfcon: The Legacy pictures! Leah and I hope that you'll enjoy sharing the photos. I swore that I wasn’t going to do photo packages this time around, due to the enormous amount of time and effort involved in coordinating the orders. The photo reprint packages have all been mailed out and are no longer available for ordering. Some of the photos will sometimes show up in our ongoing Ebay Memorabilia Auctions.

Check out the Ashton Press home page for more artwork, zines, links to pictures from other Highlander conventions, pictures from Blakes 7 conventions, pictures of soap opera stars, fan fiction and the like!

Ann (Ashton7) and let us know what you think of our photos or, even better yet, sign our guest book (at the bottom of the page)!

Click on the small pictures below to bring up a larger version of the photo. We hope you agree with our choices of photos to share with you!

All photos are copyright to Ann Wortham & Leah Rosenthal, All Rights Reserved. Please do not link without a proper credit. Please do not repost elsewhere without permission.

Adrian Lights Up the Stage in London!


Images of Wolfcon: The Legacy



Some “Just For Fun” Photos From
Wolfcon: The Legacy

Mr. & Mrs. “SBO”

Adrian & Marcus

Adrian Paul Wants YOU!

The Man You Can’t Kill!

Peter Hudson conked himself on the head whilst modeling

Kronos didn’t like the “eats” at the VPFC Party!

Pretty Sabre and 2 Horsemen

Pretty Sabre and her Horsemen

LorMac dares to laugh at Silas!

Penny after winning the trivia contest!

Gail Allen, the esteemed president of VPFC

The Valentine Pelka Fan Club goodies




Gallery of Goofy Adrian!

These are some of the outrageous and goofy expressions I caught on Adrian’s face during the convention. Some of these photos certainly aren’t our best and contain flaws. But I thought a lot of you would get a kick out of seeing them anyway!

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