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My Shrine Ranma and Akane

Hello and Welcome to yet another shrine in my deranged webpage. This one worships the most kawaii couple in anime, Ranma and Akane. Although I don't particularly like Akane, I feel of all his fiances, I rather see him with her than Shampoo or Ukyo (although I have nothing against Ukyo.) Check out my pics of this kawaii couple. Akane and Ranma don't get along at all. But there is a hidden love.Ranma and Akane both have other admirers. Ranma has: Shampoo, Ukyo, Kodachi Kuno, Tatewaki Kuno(he is in love with Ranma Girl type and does not know Ranma and "The pig-tailed girl are the same, also Ranma has others that only have Cameo appearances. Akane has: Ryoga, Tatewaki Kuno, and many other cameo apperances. Ranma may not show it, but he would do anything for Akane and always comes to save her. Akane is always misunderstanding Ranma who always gets in bad situations. She always beats up on him. Ranma always insults Akane but his feeling are true for her.Akane and Ranma are often jealous from eachothers suitors and fiances.