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The Bizkit began in late 1994 when vocalist Fred Durst hooked up with his long time friend and bass player, Sam Rivers, who in turn recommended bringing his jazz drumming cousin, John Otto, in to round out the rhythm section. Before long guitarist Wes Borland joined the fold and Limp Bizkit was born. Their First break came when little (ahem) band by the name of Korn played their first gig in the Jacksonville area. After the show, Korn's is bassist Fieldy and guitarist Head met up with Fred and went back to his place to get a few tattoos (Fred is not only an amazing singer, but also an accomplished tattoo artist ). an instant bond of friendship was struck between them and the next time Korn came back to Jacksonville they hooked up with Fred again. This time Fieldy and Head heard the Limp Bizkit demo and were immediately impressed with the bands powerful sound-so they promised to pass the tape along to their producer Ross Robinson (Sepultura, Korn). They did, and Ross loved it. The buzz on the band began to intensify twofold and, as a result, Limp Bizkit landed a tour with House of Pain and another with the Deftones. Offers from record labels across the country began pouring in, and after carefully considering all of the deals, Limp Bizkit chose to sign with up-and-coming indie label Flip Records, ultimately deciding that they needed the careful attention and determined commitment that only an indie label could offer.