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Rules and Legal Contract Information

Orene’s Web Page Design
Rules and Legal Contract Information

Orene’s Web Page Design:
While Orene’s Web Page Designs is a division of Orene’s Originals, a Texas Based Company, it's sole owner and employee is Orene Harris-Custer. She is the only representative of Orene’s Web Page Designs. All work authorized to be completed by Orene’s Web Page Designs will be completed by Orene Harris-Custer acting in accordance with the Texas Corporation Laws and Guidelines.

All "Extras" items are to be paid in full before work will begin. All programs require a 50% non refundable down payment before any work will begin and payment in full before the site or any items will be made public. All payments can be mailed via United States Postal Service or it's equivalent to:

Orene Harris-Custer
P. O. Box 1043
Mathis, TX 78368-1043
Please make checks or money orders payable to: Orene Harris. Do not send cash. Payment can also be made through Make payments to: Credit cards are not accepted. Payments are deducted from checking accounts only. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can set one up at It's easy, safe and secure.

Satisfaction is guaranteed. If the buyer is not satisfied with the finished product, and all attempts to satisfy the buyer have failed, a complete refund is due less 40% for artistic time and creative talents. All works once completed are then transferred completely to the paying party. All works once transferred will be available for copyright by the purchasing party. Orene’s Web Page Designs will hold no interest in the site, content, or graphics. Orene’s Web Page Designs can not be held responsible for down time due to server problems. In the event that a server goes down, a backup site can be made available until such time as the original server restores connections. Orene's Web Page Designs is not responsible for down time due to non payment to servers.

Web Master Acknowledgment:
All pages done by Orene’s Web Page Designs will carry a small link returning to Orene’s Web Page Designs at the bottom of each page. This will be a text based link and will not interfere with the content or load time of the site. Think of this as a trademark logo such as that as upon Levi Jeans or Nike Shoes. The link will appear in the lower right hand corner of your web pages looking like:

This site created by: Orene’s Web Page Designs

This information will remain at the very bottom of your site while contracted with Orene’s Web Page Designs. Once contract is terminated, all content or display of the site must be changed before removing the Web Master Acknowledgment.

Domain Registration:
All domains will be initially registered by Orene’s Web Page Designs in the name of Orene’s Web Page Designs until payment is made in full. At which time, owner ship of the domain will be transferred to the buyer and Orene’s Web Page Designs will be entirely removed from the registration. Orene’s Web Page Designs will be provided access to all sites and passwords maintained by Orene’s Web Page Designs while under contract with Orene’s Web Page Designs. After termination of contract, or completion of contract, owner may then change all passwords.

Orene’s Web Page Designs is not liable for any misprints, wrong text or links. All of this information will be provided to the buyer before any page or site is made public. Only after verification and acceptance will the site be moved to a permanent location and made public. Orene's Web Page Designs, while striving toward perfection, can not prevent totally against attacks from hackers, server problems, non payment disconnection, and other acts of God.

Return of Photographs:
All hard copy photographic materials and logo copies supplied by the buyer will be returned to their original owners after scanning via the United States Postal Service to the address provided by the buyer. If no return address is given, then the materials will become the property of Orene’s Web Page Designs and be disposed of as seen fit. No copyright laws will be overlooked in use of photos, logos, or other materials. All photos, logos, and other material must be originals with no other parties than the buyer holding interest in them.

UpDate Policy: >br> In order to qualify for the monthly updating programs, you must pay at least 6 months in advance. If payment option is not made at the beginning of the contract, then a higher rate of update charges will apply. If at any time the payment for updates lapses, then all updates will be halted immediately until such time as either a new 6 month contract is agreed to or single site updates are paid for individually.

If you have additional questions, please email me at:

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