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Home Page Package



1. One Splash Page with up to 4 additional pages. Text provided by you.
2. Choice of colored or graphic background.
3. One text color in your choice of colors.
4. Graphics, up to a total of five.
5. Up to ten outside links. URLs provided by you.
6. Your email link.
7. One picture of yourself to be provided in gif or jpg format by you. Scanning of photo available at an additional charge. Please see "Extras" for charges.
8. Page counter provided on each page. You will have access to password to view page statistics.
9. Guestbook that will match your front page.
10. Music of your choice added if you want it.
11. Additional pages available at $40.00 per page. Same limitations as above.

To get your web page started, please sign the guestbook below or email me with your request.



All pages will be designed to your specifications. You must provite the text for your domain or home page. Or if you wish, a company brochure can be used to set up your web page using the criteria set up in the package you choose. Orene's Web Page Designs is not responsible for entire text of pages.

If a specific domain is required (i.e.:, you are solely responsible for payment of these services through a provided server (the per month charge for storage and charges) in addition to the charges by Orene's Web Page Designs. Furthermore, Orene's Web Page Designs can not control the availability of domain names. These are available on a first come first serve basis. If the name you request is availible, I will submit it and register it for you. If it is not, you will have to select another name until you have selected one that is still available.

You may select the server you wish to store you site. There are many servers available on the internet. If you choose a server that is free, there will be advertising banners on your page. If you choose a server that charges a fee, all fees due to them are payable by you. All domains will be registered into your name.

Access to email will be solely your own with the exception of the Web Master address which will be forwarded to me for comments and suggestions concerning the site. A copy of all mail to this address will also be forwarded to you.

If you have additional questions or would like to have me create you a page, please email me at:

Email: Orene's Web Page Designs

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