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Celadon City

PokeCards PLUS, a great place

Welcome to Celadon City





Jolteon here, GO BUSH!!


Shoot!! People have not been updating this site. Well, it's Jolteon, This site needs some work, which I will have no part in. BTW, if u have any cool Limp Bizkit or KoRn crap, mail me at


Well its been the longest time since my last update but i did it for a reason. I Will give the new frames as my Christmas present to the fans who supported this site by voting on the 2 topsite list. I will give you a completed gold/silver section which i have made by the new millenium. Thanks to the fans of this site that come here veryday lookin for updates as well as people who said i could make this great site better. Well merry X-mas and i hope these frames and soon to be g/s section are good presents.~~~Flareon


well heres a present from someone who left a while go Vaporeon IS BACK!!I put up a code section and a free background section.Now that we got two hard working members this site will be able to go all the way~Vaporeon(


Well Well Well. In one day we lose 2 members(sorta).Even though some thnigs have happened over the past few months let me say that we will miss you here Vaporeon. NOW! we get down to the real buisness. Since Jolteon needs a replacement and Vaporeon gone I will take a little bit of leadersip(who would have thought the new guy would be in this scenario)With that being said I gonna say my new plans. As I said in previous updates about the swarm of new sections coming, and they will be here soon! Theb I wouldn't be surprised if you see frames on this site before the end of the month. Okay Peace out.


Well, Vaporeon is gone, and she will be missed. My school work is also tying me up too. Jr. high sucks. My use of procrastination is not doing much for me anymore. Which is bad for me, and this site, because I have been meaning to do so much stuff to this site considering the fact my site crashed. Anyone that is a wizard at HTML can replace me if you send us an e-mail, and a site, with your name on it, and it has to be good.



sorry guys but school work is tying me up to much now so I have to quit the site sorry for the unexpected leave well bye bye.. ~Vaporeon


Thank you Jolteon. 1st off yu said mitch shut up. 1st off i like to point this out. Yes mitch pleae do shut up. Opening your mouth. Shut Up Shut Up. Finally someones beside me has seen it(oh boy i really going personal on this everone hoo goes to this site can see how stupid this kid is acting by reading the GUESTBOOK. Let me just openly say to devoted fans of this site please i will apologize for myself and the rest of the Celadon City crew. He has no right to put that in a public guest book.Also Thanks Jolteon for seeing that the pokemon movie sucked.Ok peace out. THE ONE THE ONLY THE REAL(so live with it luke) FLAREON


Man, has it been a while since updating. Well, anyway, Jolteon is here, and I would like to say that 4Kids Entertainment and Nintendo screwed up MSB. The Japanese version was so much better, Mewtwo's voice was better, and the choreography of music was screwed. At a battle scene, they were beating the crap out of each other, and a song of hippies came on. If anyone knew, you're supposed to do an exciting, cool song, or some apocalyptic song to put the mood. It was funny how Freakachu kept trying to shock Ash open for like 10 times. I'm trying to set up the broken foundation of my Magic: tG again, and I am trying to devote most of my online time to that. It's really hard to do both, so don't expect too many updates by me, but during weekends, look forward to it.
PS, Mitch, shut up


Well the pokemon movie is out. But does anyone care. Let me start by saying I have no intentions of seeing it. I have se3en the Japanese Versian which was good, but very good sources says the WB once again had to edit so much it ended up being horrible. Also that Gold/Silver thing is comin along great. By X-Mas we will have just about every pokemon and a complete walkthrough. To let you know by December a Stadium section will be up. Also around that time we will have a review for every movie. So until then peace out.


What up peoples. if ya scroll up you will se that there is a thing about gold/silver section coming soon. Yes it will be up by the weekend. It is great!!! I would like to thank Vulpux for givin me all sorts of info. Alsdo all i can say is that inside the section will tell you at leqast 50 new pokemon tyo gold ands silver, a very good section on breeding, and almost everything else we can trhrow at uyou about the new game!!!!

Our names are

Eevee (Emily/

Flareon(Yamcha(real names aint needed in my world)/

Jolteon('Blaine'/ for temporary replacement


If you would like to get your site advertised for dirt cheap, e-mail jolteon

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Celadon City

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