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elcome to our People Page. This is the place where you get to say thanks to all the nice people—like that personable airline ticket agent who went out of her way to help you, or the travel agent who made your last vacation something special. This is also the place to tell everyone about your favorite airline, cruise line, hotel and resort.

Tell us—and the rest of our visitors—what makes the people and places you selected so special. Was it their courteous service? Their professionalism? Or just a smile at the right time and right place? Tell us and we will publish your comments here, on this page, for the world to see. Send us an email bragging about your favorites, and perhaps we can work something out with some of our affiliates to reward both you and your favorites with something special. Let us work on that.

In the meantime, though, keep those emails coming! Email us and let us know about your favorite people. We look forward to hearing from you.

Also, please sign our guestbook before you leave. We'd appreciate your comments. Thanks!

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After signing the Guest Book, you might want to stick around and take our "Best In Travel" poll, where we give you a chance to express your feelings about such things as the best country to visit, the best city, airline, cruise line, and hotel. Each month we pose a new question. To start off, tell us which country is the best to travel to and vacation. The results will be posted each day.

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