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Richard is performing at Slane Castle in Ireland on August 26th.


May 23, 2000

Reviews of the  two Richard Ashcroft shows can be found from these links:

NME - Toronto

NME - "news" story about their Toronto Review.

Chart Attack - Toronto

Pictures - This is a link to some pictures of the video shoot for "Money to Burn".

Jam! - Toronto

SonicNet - More of the same.


Allstar news reported that the Richard Ashcroft album will be released on June 27th. 

Track List:

A Song for the Lovers

I Get my Beat

Brave New World

New York

You on My Mind (In My Sleep)

Crazy World

On a Beach

Money to Burn

Slow Was My Heart

C'Mon People (We're Making It Now)



Richard Ashcroft did an interview on the BBC that you can listen to via Realaudio. Click here to listen. NME also did a story on the interview as well.


Click here: NME to read about Richard Ashcroft being a father to Sonny.


The website: was launched today. 



Read more about Richard's solo project at NME.


Richard has split from his management company Big Life. Check out the Christmas issue of NME for an interview with the man himself.


 "New releases due out in 2000". Article lists albums to look forward to in the coming year.  Jam! Music

NME and Dotmusic reported today that Richard is finishing up his solo album. There was nothing really solid in either report, but NME is claiming that it might have completed versions of the old Urban Hymns demos (the ones that were previewed on this site for a short period of time back in late 1996!).
Several people confirmed that the Verve video did in fact come out on the postponed August 24th date. So run to your local record stores and pick it up.
The Verve video is scheduled to be out on August 10th in the US. At least that's what has listed.
Nick McCabe's first project since the breakup is a remix for the french band, Mellow
NME announced that the Verve video 1996-1998 will finally come out on June 14.
NME reported that Richard had misplaced all of his master tapes for the new album. But Richard's crew said that it's all rubbish so who are you supposed to believe?
The Verve have finally split. The agreement is mutual. It has been officially confirmed that
Richard Ashcroft is working on a new album, as previously reported on
For more info on this goto
The Verve will be releasing a video this year with footage from their
U.S tour. The video will reportetly feature a previously unseen version of
Bitter Sweet Symphony video. This video will not be release but will be
played as an hour documentary on the BBS.
News from JamTV
The future of the Verve still hangs in the balance. No one knows if frontman Richard Ashcroft
can put Humpty Dumpty back together again after guitarist Nick McCabe departed for
the second time in five years back in July 1998. But more importantly, no one is quite sure whether
the man they call Mad Richard wants to. Last December he spent three weeks in a south London
recording studio laying down tracks for what seems to be a solo record. According to sources in the
U.K., Ashcroft returned to the studio last month with Urban Hymns producer Chris Potter in tow.
Virgin Records doesn't have anything on the schedule for the Verve, and one employee told us that "
there may not even be a band to put out a record at this point." The Verve's last public appearance was
at Ireland's Slane Castle in August of 1998. At the time of the show, manager Jaz Summers said that he
didn't know if the band would record together again . . .