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History of The Verve

Originally called "Verve" but they later changed it to "The Verve" because they
where about to be sued by A Jazz Label called "Verve".
The Verve was formed 1989 in Wigan, Lancashire. The band's line-up was
originally Richard Ashcroft (vocals, guitar), Nick McCabe (guitar), Simon Jones (bass)
and Peter Salisbury (drums). At the tail-end of 1995, Simon Tong, an old school
friend joined the band to play guitar and keyboards.
Albums: Verve EP (92), A Storm In Heaven (93), No Come Down (94),
Northern Soul (95), Urban Hymns (97).
Richard Ashcroft

  • Richard "Rich" Ashcroft
  • Lead Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
  • Date of birth: 11 September 1971
  • Born in Wigan, Lancashire
  • Richard has study at the Up Holland High School
  • Richard has written the most of the songs that The Verve are playing.
  • He is married with Kate Radley in the group Spiritualized.
  • Richard really likes music and is a very good friend to Oasis.
  • Simon Jones

  • Simon "Si" Jones
  • Bass Guitar
  • Date Of Birth: 29 July 1972
  • Born In Wigan, Lancashire
  • Simon has been with the group since the start.
  • He used to be a street-sweeper before he started playing with the group.
    Simon Tong

  • Simon "Tongy" Tong
  • Guitar & keyboards.
  • Age: 25
  • He came in to the group at the tail-end of 1995.
  • Tongy went in school with Richard and Simon Jones and he learned them to play guitar.
    Nick McCabe

  • Nick McCabe
  • Lead Guitar
  • Date Of Birth: 14 July 1971
  • Born in: Wigan, Lancashire
  • Nick is married and has a Daughter.
  • Nick has study at the Win Stanley College
  • Nick often plays on a Gibson Les Paul
  • Pete Salisbury

  • Pete Salisbury
  • Drums & Percussions
  • Date Of Birth: 24 September 1971
  • Born In: Wigan, Lancashire
  • Pete has study at the Up Holland High School
  • He has been with the group since 89.