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In Memory of

April-Oct. 5, 2001

Approximately six and a half months down the line Iíve lost my little boy. To some I may sound silly and a bit over the top but I am sure to many, if not all, you'll understand how I feel. Skwalk passed away about 3:20 this morning the vet told me, it was peaceful and he wasnít in any pain, unfortunately I now am. I'm glad for all the things that he was able to experience, and as for me I look at all the birds feeding in the garden a little different now. I'll miss the way that when I asked for a Skwalky-kiss he would pry open my mouth with his beak and the way I'd stretch my arm out and he'd fly down onto it like a tiny eagle. I'll also miss the temper, the way he still liked to have his beak ready as if he was still a baby and the greetings he'd give me in the morning when Iíd get home from work.
But mostly I'll miss him.


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