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Squash Blossom Too

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A Division of Creative Concepts
Knoxville, Tennessee
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"The great Spirit has given me skins and furs, beads and shells; soft grey rain and rainbow colored corn; a mind to think and a voice to sing. And I am glowing in gratitude."

Spider and Blue Suede Shoes by Deidre Sam

Deidre Sam is a talented beading artist from Vancouver, BC. Spider is a delicate creation of plum colored Russian cut crystal beads on a single strand using no glue or knots using silver pieces for decoration. Made in the "old" way this beautiful works of wearable art is available for $300.00 US
Blue Suede Shoes is a soft bag of dyed deerskin. Hung on a white satin strand it is adorned with glass and silver beads. Reasonably priced at $175. US Other bags and works by this artist are available.

Adoption Mask by Eric Schweig

Hand carved by Eric Schweig, this unique mask is based on the designs of Bali Adoption masks. Approximately 14" tall and 8" wide without the hoop and feathers. These masks are designed per order and can be created in any color desired. Adorned with turkey feathers and horsehair they are about 3 feet across and two and a half feet high. These rare and dramatic works of art are available through special order only. Other designs are also available. For information contact: Creative Concepts
Made In Alaska

Adoption Mask by Eric Schweig

Couney Shell is a talented jeweler from Cherokee NC. His jewelry is a beautiful blend of Cherokee style and modern taste. The choker is made of white bone pony beads and assorted colored beads. A sterling silver native in full head dress is mounted on a leather square in the center. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings are made with genuine gemstones.

Vicki and Charlie Sequoyah are Cherokee natives whose ceramic creations include angels and Cherokee Chess sets. Pipes and medicine bags of leather, shell and tortoise by Whispering Spirit are also available. Wendi Price makes exquisite dream catchers in an assortment of colors. She also makes double dreamcatchers, medicine wheels and war bonnets.

Whispering Spirit creates beautiful medicine bags of leather and seashells and turtle shells.

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