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Days of the New II Album Notes

This, the second Outpost Recordings release from Days of the New, written, performed and produced by Travis Meeks, aka Days of the New, is a bold, emotional offering that combines so many elements that can not be linked to any one genre. It is a complex album which transports it's listeners to an interior world where senses are left at the door as something far deeper unfolds.

Meeks has traveled miles beyond the identifiable trademark usage of acoustic guitars in the rock medium, this new recording significantly displays his arrival as an artist who clearly understands the power of an orchestra can bring to his arrangements. As his 1997 platinum debut yielded the smash hits "Touch, Peel and stand," "Shelf in The Room," and "the Down Town," Meeks looks upon this recording as, "One step closer to where I'm going......"Days of the New is on it's way pushed by my relentless passion."

The track listing:

1. flight response (5:55)

2. the real (4:19)

3. enemy (5:12)

4. weapon and the wound (5:45)

5. skeleton key (3:03)

6. take me back then (4:16)

7. bring yourself (5:55)

8. i think (5:51)

9. longfellow (1:56)

10. (untitled song 1:42)

11. phobics of tragedy (3:27)

12. not the same (4:24)

13. provider (5:53)

14. last one (4:37)


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