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Debut Album Notes

Original Release Date: 1997
Engineer: Bill Klatt
Producer: Scott Litt
Genre: General
Number of Discs: 1
Mono/Stereo: Stereo
Studio/Live: Studio
Category: Rock/Pop
Days Of The New: Travis Meeks (vocals, guitar); Todd Whitener (guitar); Jesse Vest (bass); Matt Taul (drums).

Additional personnel: Todd Smith (organ); Adam Turgeon (drums).

Recorded at Woodland Studios, Nashville, Tennessee.

Days Of The New frontman Travis Meeks is probably pretty sick of being told how much older he sounds on tape. Judging from the band's self-titled debut, the deep-voiced 18 year-old has apparently been brooding for a lot longer than he's been shaving. He could send Scott Weiland and James Hetfield running back to their growling coach, while his lyrics explore youthful ennui with uncommon maturity.

"Solitude" moves from a spacey, angelic intro to a sinister vocal trade-off, while "Touch, Peel And Stand" juxtaposes attention-grabbing off-time accents with a slow, languorous chorus. Produced by Scott Litt (R.E.M), the sonic foundation of DAYS OF THE NEW is made up of acoustic guitars, close, double-tracked vocal harmonies, and a straightforward, powerful rhythm section. Guitarist Todd Whitener contributes acrobatic lead work, contrasting perfectly with DAYS OF THE NEW's slow, melancholic burn.