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Hello and welcome to Rozbuds and Rainbows. Your online line comfort zone. Here you can kick back and relax, and enjoy life. I have my page set up in several sections. The first being links to my "Original Poems" The second section is "Think About This" This section will change from time to time. The last section is for links to wonderful homepages on the web. I welcome any and all comments or questions. Feel free email me anytime.

Original Poems

Reality Life Time Friend
God's Paintbrush The Seasons of our Life
Why God Made Hugs A Special kind of Friend
A Place Called Memory Angels on Earth
The Touch of Jesus Jesus our Helper
Sweet World World for One
In God's Hands Problems in the Lives of Us All

Think about This

Don't give your ghosts of yesterday the power to haunt your todays and tomorrows

Great Home pages

Jo Iris's. Grace's.
Amanda's Thoughts 123 Greetings.
JamNbabe's Treasures Greetings From The Heart.

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