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In the spring of our lives we met and fell in love

Then we married and we vowed our love would last.

God blessed us with two children a daughter and a son

And the years began to pass by oh so fast.

In the summer of our lives we watched our children grow

We worked hard and gave them everything we could.

We had our ups and downs our happiness and tears.

And we shared all things together as we should.

In the autumn of our lives our grandsons came along

And our lives were filled with joy beyond compare.

We made plans for future years for the time when we'd grow old

And we promised for each other we'd be there.

Through the winter of my life I will travel on alone

For God chose to take you home in the fall

I look forward to the day I will be with you again

When it's time for me to hear the Master's call.

Rozbuds and Rainbows © 1999

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