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Why do I always long for

What Is not within my reach?

Why do I try to circumvent

The lessons life would teach?

Why do I seek perfection

In myself and those around me?

Why do I long to have

The " Perfect love" surround me?

I want to have the rainbows,

I do not want the storms;

I want to have the roses,

But I do not want the thorns.

I want a world of smiles and laughter

Where people do not cry;

I want a world of love and joy

Where children do not die.

I want no grief to mar my life,

No heartbreak, no remorse;

It hurts too much to cope with them.

To let them run their course.

I want a world of gentleness

Of spiritual delight,

Where all is peace and fairness,

Where justice conquers might.

I must let go of views that are

Naive and idealistic;

My heart must be contented

With a life that's realistic.

Accepting, never yearning

For a world that cannot be,

May my spirit soar to heights unknown

In splendor, gratefully.

Rozbuds and Rainbows © 1999

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