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Springlife Polarizers

WHAT ARE SPRINGLIFE POLARIZERS? Polarizers are antennas that attract amplified chi (life -force) energy which originates from Universal Source. This energy bombards the earth plane at a 45 degree angle and is the sustenance of life. Polarizers are the formulation of just the right mixture of plants and minerals which are considered to be the attracting factor of the Springlife Polarity devices. This formulation remains proprietary for the benefit of humanity. Chi energy is cosmic radiation which is beneficial to all forms of life . The principle action of Springllife Polarizers is to bring into balance all energy fields thus creating a harmonious living environment . Some harmonious have called this measurement of chi the wavelength of "OM". This beneficial wavelength has been found throughout the universe and may be considered one of the cosmic constants of life support. How do polarity products work? They are energy attractors which polarize the energy fields that produce negative toxic effects. An energy spin surrounds the smallest particles. In the northern hemisphere, the spin should be in a clock-wise direction. When a substance is toxic or damaged, that healthy spin is reversed. By polarizing the toxic or damaged substance , it is no longer detrimental to the environment or the physical body. According to Sir Lawrence Bragg, Nobel Prize Winner, "life on the planet can be described as oriented to the right, and man is like a ‘right handed cork-screw’. Any ‘left-handed cork-screw orientation would be poisonous to him." Dr. Rueben states, "that a compound with the same formula can be poisonous if the polarization is to the left and non-poisonous if the polarization is to the right. Thus , if you change the polarization of man made energy fields and the products produced by the machines that utilize this energy , toxins and dangerous by-products become harmless." ( It should be noted that this process is reversed in the southern hemisphere.) An example of counter-clockwise spin in nature are hurricanes and tornadoes. These forces are not in harmony with normal energy patterns , consequently creating catastrophic results. When an injury occurs the electrons in the cells of the body spin chaotically, Diseases are the result of electrons chronically spinning counter- clockwise in the tissues of the body. By applying a polarizer over an injured area, the electrons are put back in order, allowing healing to take place . In case of a trauma , the quicker the application of the trauma, the quicker the results. What is the difference between Springlife Polarizers and magnets? Magnets attract and create structured electromagnetic fields created by the north and south poles of the earth . Springlife Polarizers attract beneficial cosmic radiation or rays that originate from a higher dimension beyond the planet earth that influence the electromagnetic fields through the manipulation of the subtle energy fields.