Sheep Sorrel

Latin Name
Rumex acetosella

General Description
Herbalists use the leaves, roots, stems and flowers of sheep sorrel, a common, native European weed. They believe the herb possesses astringent properties that are helpful for mild ulcerative conditions, such as mouth and throat ulcers. A topical wash of sheep sorrel is also recommended for itchy skin rashes. And the juice of the fresh plant is said to help urinary conditions. Recently sheep sorrel has been used in treating the side effects of chemotherapy. Its mechanism of action is not well understood.

Target Ailments
Taken internally for:

Applied externally for:

Over the counter:
Available as tinctures, capsules and prepared tea, or as fresh or dried plant parts (leaves, root, flowers and stems) in combination with other herbs. Capsules may harm the kidneys, so the fresh or dried plant is preferred.

At home:
Infusion: Leaves or stems steeped for 5 minutes (roots for 10 minutes) in hot (not boiling) water.
Tincture: 30 drops stirred into a glass of water and 4 glasses (120 drops) consumed daily.

Special Information