Royalty Among Ferns...
The Royal Fern (Flowering Fern)

The generic title "flowering fern" sometimes misleads those who are unfamiliar with the habits of ferns as to imagine that they ever flower. To this fern the old herbalists attributed many valuable qualities. One old writer, who calls it the "Water Fern", says: "This hath all the virtues mentioned in other ferns, and is much more effective than they both for inward and outward griefs, and is accounted good for wounds, bruises, and the like."

The name Osmunda is said to be derived from Osmunder, the Saxon Thor. In his Herbal Gerarade we find that Osdmunda regalis was formerly called "Osmunder, the Waterman," in allusion, perhaps, to its liking for a home in the marshes. One legend claims that a certain Osmund, living at Lock Tyne, saved his wife and child from the inimical Danes by hiding them upon an island among masses of flowering ferns, and that in the years after, the child so sheilded named the stately plants after her savior and father.
Ther is no scientific evidence to substantiate any of these claims
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