Notoginseng Root

Latin Name
Panax notoginseng

General Description
Notoginseng root is used to stop bleeding, reduce swelling and alleviate pain from injuries. Unlike Western medications, the root seems to halt the bleeding without making the blood clot, and to stop the clotting or hematoma without causing bleeding. Western practitioners of sports medicine frequently use this herb as a tonic to improve stamina. The best variety is large, solid and dark brown, with thin skin. Also known as pseudoginseng root (Panax pseudoginseng), it is grown in several Chinese provinces and harvested in the fall or winter of the plant's third or seventh year, after the fruit is ripe. Chinese herbalists classify it as sweet, bitter and warm.

Target Ailments
Taken internally for:

Taken both internally and externally for:

Notoginseng root is available in bulk from Chinese pharmacies, Asian markets and Western health food stores, where it is sold as loose, dried roots or in the form of tablets.
Combinations: Notoginseng can be made into a liniment for swelling and pain and is included in many injury tonics. It is also taken internally to heal injuries, cuts and even gunshot wounds. A preparation containing notoginseng root and bletilla root is prescribed for vomiting, and for coughing up blood, nosebleeds and blood in the urine. A mixture with dragon bone and gallnut from the Chinese sumac makes a poultice for bleeding caused by trauma.
For information on appropriate preparations and doses, check with an herbal practitioner.

Special Information