Light Requierments of House Ferns

Although the native habitat of many indoor ferns is in tropical regions, they are invariably sheltered from direct sunlught by the foliage of the trees upon which or under which they grow. Thus best recomendation is to give them either medium lightor, at most, bright filtered light. Although direct sunl;ight will scorch the tender fronds of a plant most times, however, early-morning winter sunlight will usually do no harm. In fact, this much sunshine will help encourage continuous growth.

Many of these plants can tolerate the poor light of a dark corner for up to two or three weeks at a time, if necessary. They cannot continue to grow well, though, if the period of poor lighting lasts much longer.

To make sure ferns grow evenly, turn each plant a quater-turn around at a two-or-three-day intervals. This routine prevents the lopsideedness that occurs when fronds must grow in the same direction in order to face the source of light.