Honeysuckle Flower

Latin Name
Lonicera japonica

General Description
This ornamental flower is prescribed for sores, swellings, fevers, colds and flu. Chinese medicine practitioners use it as an antibiotic. In addition the flower is believed to have some value in the treatment of chronic conjunctivitis and other eye conditions. The best variety of the plant has several large, pale-yellow unopened flowers. Considered a sweet, cold herb in traditional Chinese medicine, it grows throughout China and is harvested in May and June.

Target Ailments
Honeysuckle flower taken internally for:

You can find honeysuckle flowers in bulk at Asian markets and pharmacies and Western health food stores. The herb is also available in tablet form.
Combinations: The flowers, together with platycodon and great burdock fruit, form a mixture used to treat pain and swelling in the throat. A preparation with skullcap and coptis is prescribed for high fever. When skullcap alone is added to honeysuckle flowers, the blend is employed to discharge pus from boils. For advice on other combinations and dosages, consult a Chinese medicine practitioner.

Special Information