Latin Name
Gentiana scabra

General Description
Several varieties of this herb grow throughout China. Gentiana scabra, the most widely used, is a long, thick, yellow root, described as cold by Chinese herbalists. They prescribe the herb primarily for disorders of the liver and organs in the pelvic area. Gentiana tastes so bitter that herbalists use it as a standard for judging bitterness in plants.

Target Ailments
Used internally for:

You can find gentiana in bulk at Chinese pharmacies, Asian markets and some Western health food stores. While the Chinese variety is not available in pills or tablets, the European root can be obtained in that form.
Combinations: A preparation that contains gentiana, sophora root and plantago seeds prescribed by Chinese herbalists for genital itching and vaginal discharge. A combination of gentiana with cattle gallstone and gambir given for convulsions, especially when the symptoms appear in children. Check with your practitioner for advice on other combinations and dosages.

Special Information